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Nisty Chatha

Nisty Chatha

When a group of people operate together they are noted as a collective. Collectively when they work together they make the world a better place.
I did not see the people, their vibration and their frequency. It only became apparent to me as the work started to develop. Only when I stood back to view the subject matter did I start to see what now is clear. Inside the people, the amplified larger image were other beings telling their story through my story. The puzzle is difficult to complete. The images are continually evolving.
The many bodies within the singular communicate that we are not singular. Our collective identity is best explored when we synergize and collaborate together allowing us to help each other and empower each other.
I believe that the people within the primary body are on a journey to elevate financially, physically, emotionally e.t.c. The bodies are enroute to the highest part of the body, the mind which is the representation of validation and acceptance. Each subject is a mountain and the bodies like us are hiking to the highest elevation. The journey we are on challenges our role within our society, posing the question: Why are we here?
The bodies within the body are a model of our collective human experience. Keep hiking.