Ape Lee

Creative Growth and Social Reflection

Ape Lee describes their art process as an ongoing, unfolding journey in which each artwork serves as a stepping-stone to the next, fostering not only artistic development but personal growth as well. Their approach to art is characterized by a continuous quest for knowledge, the acquisition of new skills, and the deepening of wisdom through various mediums and tools.

Unconstrained by a single subject matter, Ape Lee deliberately avoids such limitations, as they find that focusing on one subject does not sufficiently enrich their creativity nor push it to its full potential. Instead, they draw inspiration from the world around them, paying close attention to human experiences, struggles, love, and passion.

To translate these observations and ideologies into a format accessible to the public, Ape Lee often employs images from nature, particularly animals, to convey their message. This approach provides a unique vantage point, enabling viewers to contemplate the trials and tribulations of humanity without the harshness that direct representation might entail.

Ape Lee’s artworks serve as reflections of the challenges people face, from the harsh realities of war to the inherent beauty within the human race often referred to as “humankind.” Their creative process is a method to offer a more empathetic perspective on various issues, avoiding condescension, disrespect, or degradation in addressing these important subjects.


  1. 2021 – LAE Group Exhibition – “LA FEMME” – LAE Art Gallery

  2. 2020 – LAE Group Exhibition – “Lockdown” – LAE Art Gallery

  3. 2019 – LAE Group exhibition – “Contemporary African Art meets European Design” – European Light & Design Centre