How to Collaborate with an Art Gallery

When looking for a potential gallery to house your most prized artwork, it is critical to ask yourself a few key questions. Some of these questions, such as “Where does my art fit in?” may apply to galleries on your list. You can take the first step on your career path by identifying your style and locating other galleries that appear to house similar genres of artists.

Here are some additional key tips for getting into an art gallery.

Be Open to Criticism

When researching how to get into an art gallery, being open to criticism is a smart move. Consider approaching a gallery for feedback on your body of work and possible advice. Going to your local professional is sometimes the quickest way to figure out your game plan and makes planning your next move much easier.

Because many large galleries do not regularly accept new artists fresh out of the academy, feedback is essential.

Art Critic analyzing art pieces

It is important to remember that the customer base of these larger galleries is often accustomed to seeing works they have been presented with as of notable quality and from “highly esteemed artists” – so a lot of attention could be drawn to a new artist in a way that calls the gallery’s collection into question.

Starting with your local gallery is a great place to start, and over time, you can build your reputation through strategic group shows in preparation for your entry into that reputable gallery.

Expand Your Online Following

Before submitting an application to your favorite gallery, make sure you have a strong online presence through social media or an online website that showcases your operation, artist statement, portfolio, and accolades.

A greater social presence allows galleries to see that you are an artist with some social influence and can thus be used to strategically “advertise” your work to the relevant client base.

Art Piece by Splash Motong

Use a Checklist

Making a checklist to examine your body of work in preparation for a gallery application is a wise decision. The following are a few key questions that will help you frame your body of work as gallery ready. The following questions should be included on your checklist:

  • Do all of my artworks appear to have been created by the same artist?
  • Do I use any unusual methods or interesting mediums?
  • What was the inspiration for my artwork?
  • Is my work a reflection of a distinct point of view?
  • Would people pay to see my artwork in person?
  • Where can I see my artwork? Can it be hung in the home of the buyer?
Additional Art Piece by Splash Motong

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