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John Nkosi

John Nkosi LAE LAEHQ Living Artists Emporium

One may have so much knowledge about a particular thing just to realize that there is still more to learn. As a creative, learner and a humanist I not only learn about painting and drawing I learn more about myself as well. I may not conclude that I know myself,  which is what makes this practice interesting. I paint intuitively. At times I become very uncertain  when painting, never too sure about the outcome until moment of clarity. I never rush to paint or plan to paint, It is simply an act that presents itself at any given time.

As of recent, themes that surround my works are based on the human condition, freedom and identity, specifically to my focus on movement and postmodern dance. The images that I display are presented in portraiture to large scale works of which some figures are in
motion or still form. These figures are sometimes in battle internally and externally, trying to set free of themselves from any social influence and conditioning which is by finding out their truth, and reclaiming their identity. These figures are not rebels but observers, Their appearance is of a fearless being  yet still reveals a sense of vulnerability, showing much resemblance to a peaceful warrior. These figures possess passion, frustration, and selflessness in which these qualities exist in us all.

Charcoal, pastels and paint are the mediums of optimism, emotion and mystery, by using these mediums my attempt is to capture the essence of the human condition in hope of the viewer to become more aware of not just their own individuality but the whole movement of the human race. Once again through this awareness the learning never comes to an end.