Khotso Kupi

Unveiling the Essence Through “Caturism”

In his artistic odyssey, Khotso Kupi, the maestro of lines and colors, has delved deep into the power of simplicity in art. His journey began with an infatuation for the fundamental elements of artistic expression, recognizing the profound role that lines and colors play in creating a visual symphony.

Within this world of creative exploration, Khotso gravitated towards a unique concept – the art of reducing forms to their most basic components. In this intricate dance, broken lines emerged as vital connectors between content or as standalone structural focal points, revealing the subtle complexities of simplicity.

This artistic revelation culminated in the birth of a distinctive painting technique known as “Caturism.” With “Caturism,” Khotso meticulously deconstructs the natural structure of his subjects, accentuating them through a graceful flow of lines. Colors in this technique are not mere accents; they are pivotal players in enhancing the overall impact.

The very name, “Caturism,” draws its inspiration from the word “caricature,” reflecting its deep-rooted connection with this art form. Through “Caturism,” Khotso Kupi’s artistic intent is crystal clear – to unveil the essence of his subjects. He expertly breaks them down to their core, presenting them in a manner that invites viewers to appreciate the captivating beauty and intriguing complexity of simplicity. In every stroke and hue, Khotso extends an invitation to explore the profound within the uncomplicated.