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Mbongeni Mhlongo


I was born in KwaZulu-Natal and have always had a passion for art. I started art at an informal art school which was at the Durban Workshop. After that I enrolled for a full Diploma course in ML Sultan Technikon.


Art to me is like revealing layers of life that give us a reason and a purpose to live. The ideas in my mind charge me to create and produce. I believe that this is a force which is primarily the fuel in all areas of production. Therefore, the source of my ideas is life, and my hope is that the viewer can feel, hear and enjoy the end-result.


I am interested in expressing action, mood and even the rhythm (if it is a musical scene) to engage the viewer into the life of my paintings. The body of my work is largely figures, evolving from abstract images to recognisable elements using vibrant colours, texture and 3D effects.