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Mcloud Simango

They say colours make the world go round, so it is with the visual art blow movement from layers of texture to the blow of enamel.


Unusual medium is very vital to this movement from the finger to the use of twigs on the tree and dripping of enamel on canvas. Everything is of unique creation, Concepts are taken from a visual aspect (from the mind) subconscious (dream) through real life experience. I give my art work texture, dimension and contrast using different medium to express myself such as paper, tree twigs, match sticks, back of a brush, pastel, vanish, pva, coffee, tea and enamel on canvas.


Theory concept: Science over religion, Positive state of mind over negative state of mind. I choose this theory concept to show effects it has on daily human lives from basic things like what we wear, eat and what we use. It is also designed to express the future concerning human lives, nature and biblical events.