Navigating the Boundless Realms of Creativity

Mcloud Simango’s journey as an artist is a testament to his boundless creativity and his passion for exploring the realms of color, form, and expression. His philosophy revolves around the profound idea that art has the power to capture the intricate tapestry of human existence, from conscious thoughts to elusive dreams. Through his chosen medium, the canvas, he translates these concepts into tangible creations, aiming to evoke emotions that transcend the visual experience.

Mcloud employs a diverse array of mediums and techniques in his artistic endeavors. He uses tools as unconventional as paper, tree twigs, matchsticks, the back of a brush, pastels, varnish, and even everyday items like coffee, tea, and enamel. Each medium brings its unique texture and depth to his work, allowing him to explore new dimensions of artistic expression.

At the heart of Mcloud’s art lies a theory concept that values science over religion and the transformative power of a positive state of mind over negativity. This concept is intricately woven into his work, reflecting the daily choices we make, from the mundane aspects of life to the tools and substances we employ. It serves as a mirror to our existence, offering a visionary perspective on humanity’s future, the rhythms of nature, and the echoes of biblical events. Mcloud’s art invites us to embark on a thought-provoking journey where colors and forms become vessels for profound insights, and creativity becomes a conduit for understanding life’s complex interplay.