Nisty Chatha


I mostly work in acrylic and oil, with a style ranging from partly smooth strokes to rough ones. I like to make marks both smooth and rough just as life is full of smooth parts (ups)  and rough parts (downs). And just as life is also unpredictable, I like my marks spontaneous. The deliberate marks represent  imperfections in each individual, Reminding us that there is beauty beyond imperfections. The small human figures on the artwork, aiming for the summit (the head), also represent one’s goals to evolve financially, mentally, physically etc.  Even when I have a precise imagery I want to portray, I like the work to dictate how it wants to come across.

My work is about the positive spirit of Africa. Achieving success, chasing success against all odds, the joys and the pain there in. Peace and hope. Besides being inspired by my personal experiences, am also inspired by keenly observing the positivity in people.

My message is: “Have a positive outlook on life to keep going.”