DIEZEL1811 Mixed medium on Canvas 141cm x 137cm 2018

‘SHARP, SHARP!’ by Diezel

Walk in the wild side!

A depiction of a day in Johannesburg, South Africa. Taxi’s, sharply dressed people, counterfeit Nikes and Adidas shoes…. and a ‘buzz’ in the air.

As the youngest continent in the world, with 60% of the population under 25, there is hope that with youth on its side ‘Africa may rise again’ (the meaning of ‘Mayibuye Africa’)

Diezel appropriated the image of Goofy to depict a young African taxi driver who is confident, jovial, and making his own rules in the wild streets of South Africa.

‘Sharp, sharp!’ is a saying often used in South African culture and it means everything is ‘great’. Even though many South Africans has a life of hardship, they will still say everything is ‘Sharp!’

Sharp sharp can also indicate danger as in ‘sharp objects’ and the words ‘danger zone’ and ‘walk on the wild side’ strengthen those suggestions.

The stars are ‘lucky’, everything is ‘Numba One!’ and plus signs are symbols of hope and optimism.

you… am… I… am… you… am… you… am… ‘Africa our Land’

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