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Immerse yourself in the world of Living Artists Emporium through our range of dedicated services. With our Art Sales and Consulting, we offer personalized guidance to ensure your art acquisitions are seamless and tailored to your unique preferences. Explore ever-evolving creativity with our Art Rentals, allowing you to rotate through a curated collection at your pace. Our Local and International Shipping service brings the beauty of South African art to your doorstep, wherever you are globally.

Step into the heart of Johannesburg’s artistic scene with our Art Exhibitions and Events, curated to bring creativity to life and foster cultural connections. Beyond showcasing, our commitment extends to Artist Support & Representation, empowering emerging South African talent with resources, studio spaces, and exhibition channels. For a personalized touch, explore our Art Commissions service, collaborating directly with our talented artists to bring your vision to life. At Living Artists Emporium, every service is designed to make art an integral part of your life.

Personalized Guidance for Your Artful Acquisitions

Art Sales and Consultations

At Living Artists Emporium, our Art Sales and Consultation service is designed to make your art acquisition experience seamless and tailored to your unique preferences. Our expert team of art curators is ready to guide you through our diverse collection, ensuring you find pieces that resonate with your taste and style. Whether you’re a seasoned art collector or a first-time buyer, we prioritize a personalized approach. From providing insights into the artistic process to assisting with the selection process, our goal is to make your journey into the world of contemporary art enriching and satisfying.

Infusing Your Space with Ever-Evolving Creativity

Art Rentals

Discover the seamless experience of Living Artists Emporium’s Art Rentals service. Choose from our diverse collection of contemporary masterpieces and sculptures to rotate through your space at your pace. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a first-time enthusiast, our team of art curators is here to guide you in selecting pieces that resonate with your unique style. With the flexibility of our Art Rentals, you can adapt your environment to match your evolving tastes and moods. Immerse yourself in a dynamic, ever-changing artistic journey that transforms your surroundings and enriches your space.

Bringing Art Straight to your Doorstep!

Local & International Shipping

Experience the convenience of Living Artists Emporium’s Local and International Shipping service, ensuring that the beauty of South African art reaches you wherever you are. Whether you reside in Johannesburg, across South Africa, or globally, our efficient shipping ensures safe and secure delivery. Your chosen pieces, from contemporary masterpieces to sculptural wonders, will be transported with utmost care. Trust us to make the journey of acquiring art effortlessly, allowing you to enjoy the extraordinary from the comfort of your own space. Explore, acquire, and let Living Artists Emporium’s art become a seamless part of your world.

Fostering Creative Journeys

Artist Support & Representation

Living Artists Emporium goes beyond being a gallery—we’re your dedicated advocate in the art world. Our Artist Support and Representation service is a commitment to empowering emerging South African talent. We provide essential resources, studio spaces, and exhibition channels, enabling artists to propel their careers forward. At Living Artists Emporium, we stand against the constraints faced by artists today, fostering an environment where creativity flourishes without limits. We not only showcase art; we actively support and represent our artists, ensuring their work reaches a broader audience. Join us in championing the stars of tomorrow and celebrating the diversity of South African artistic brilliance.

Immersive Cultural Experiences

Art Exhibitions & Events

Dive into the vibrant tapestry of Johannesburg’s artistic scene with Living Artists Emporium’s Art Exhibitions and Events. Our curated exhibitions and events are immersive experiences that bring creativity to life. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a curious soul, our events offer a unique opportunity to engage with contemporary art, meet talented artists, and be part of a dynamic cultural community. Join us as we break the boundaries of conventional exhibitions, creating spaces where artistic conversations flourish, and innovation takes center stage. Living Artists Emporium is not just a gallery; it’s a cultural hub where every event is a celebration of South African artistic brilliance.

Your Unique Artistic Journey Starts Here

Art Commissions

At Living Artists Emporium, our Art Commissions service is all about turning your vision into a tangible masterpiece. Whether you have a clear idea or need guidance, collaborate directly with our talented artists to create a custom piece that’s as unique as you are. From choosing the style and medium to capturing the essence of your narrative, we ensure a personalized and engaging process. Elevate your space with a bespoke creation that reflects your individuality and style. Experience the satisfaction of owning a piece of art crafted exclusively for you—your journey into personalized artistic expression begins at Living Artists Emporium.

Discover Your Artistic Journey

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Begin your unique artistic journey with Living Artists Emporium. Whether you’re acquiring, renting, or commissioning art, our services are crafted for your individual taste. Join us in celebrating the diversity of South African creativity. Contact us today to commence your personalized art journey. Your masterpiece is just a conversation away.