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Siyabonga Mlambi

Siyabonga was born in the small town of Bizana located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. This area is famous for sharing the birthplace of Winnie Madikizela Mandela and anti-apartheid politician Oliver Tambo. Built with a mixture of warm hospitality, cultural sites, breath-taking landscapes and the click language of Xhosa tribal traditions make this location like no other in the world.

Almost love at first sight, Siyabonga became smitten with art as a child and by the time he finished High School it was a full-blown love affair. While in college he studied art and design. He focused his attention on the natural and various colour palettes. Upon graduating, his mediums of choice became acrylic, fabric, stones, grass, found materials, ink and graphite. His choice of medium is a defining characteristic of his art style. As his artistic skill-set matured, he began experimenting with various styles and techniques. This ultimately led him to discover a style that would later become his signature.

Siyabonga identifies his style as Khanda-Art Superblur African Synthetic Cubism. The style entertains the viewer with beauty and desire that the eye cannot see but only the heart can feel. The development of Khanda-Art can be found in the definition of Khanda. This term is of Nguni-origin. It can be understood as the process creating something from scratch. More specifically, the process of moulding and development to create something of intrinsic value. This art movement is the child of a universe whose roots have a stronghold in (South) Africa. The aim and desire of Khanda-Art, specifically, is to entertain the viewer with beauty that encourages your imagination to flow and push-boundaries beyond your wildest expectations. Siyabonga uses, what he identifies as, the basic and fundamental elements of life. These can be understood as lines, shapes, colour and texture. The focus on lines in Siyabonga’s work is emphasized because he believes that these are “like veins that gives life to the artwork”. Furthermore, lines depict motion around his colourful characters and connect one to another. This then symbolizes the concepts of unity, respect and above all love. Positivity is a recurrent and central theme in Siyabonga’s collection of works.


2019 – LAE Group exhibition –– “Contemporary African Art meets European Design” – European Light & Design Centre

2019 – Group Exhibition – “Africa’s Art Collective Seasons Spring 2019” – The Mall of Africa

2019 – Turbine Art Fair

2019 – Group Exhibition – “Africa’s Art Collective Seasons Autumn 2019” – The Mall of Africa

2019 – LAE Group Exhibition –– “African Influences” – The Hyatt Regency Hotel Rosebank

2019 – Group Exhibition – Curated by Leigh Rein – Werksmans Sandton

2018 – LAE Group Exhibition – “Thebe Ya Mosadi – She is Power” – Urban Tree Sandton

2018 – LAE Group Exhibition – “FNB Early Childhood Development Fundraiser” – FNB Private Wealth Sandton

2016 – Group Exhibition – Margate Art Museum – South Coast KZN