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Stoffel Mogano
Stoffel Mogano

The subject matter in my work is centered around the idea of a journey. How we as the human race live through life striving and yearning for some sense of purpose, identity, peace of mind and/or financial success.

My intention was initially to represent my own struggles as I reflect and assess my life’s journey, looking at the work as a form of inspiration more than just a painting while on my quest to establish my artistic work. The work also served as an encouragement as I spear myself on to stay working even in the midst of all the trials and tribulations where success at times would seem far out of reach or not manifesting as quickly as I would like.

As I shared my story with other people engaged in the work, they would often mention how the paintings somehow resonated with their own lives and simultaneously served as a reminder for them to reflect. It was during these conversations where I realised that the work actually had a greater purpose in helping others to introspect and evaluate the state of their lives just as much, if not more.

I also realised when reading about and listening to success stories of prominent figure that it is exactly in the process, the journey, where most work take place, and yet how often that is overlooked when we marvel at their achievements.

My work intends to draw attention to that progress, the by-product of the journey. The work itself is predominantly painted in black, white, and grey to represent the hardships and struggles of one’s journey. One highlighted area is presented in colour to signify the sought-after progress, sense of hope, and positivity.

I work with feet depicted in a state of motion as a metaphor for the journey in progress, and the background is painted deliberately fuzzy to signify the fact that the journey itself is a movement, an everyday moment that fades as time passes. Hence, after all considered, the importance of the journey is ultimately encapsulated in the progress made.