Thabiso Dakamela

A Visual Artist Illuminating Urban Life

Thabiso Dakamela, an urban-born and raised visual artist based in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, is a remarkable creative force. Born to a Ndebele mother and a Venda father, Dakamela’s art draws inspiration from the tapestry of daily life in the inner city. He possesses a keen eye for observation and a profound ability to serve as a social commentator, offering insightful analyses of the world that surrounds us and its profound influence on our lives.

Dakamela’s artistic versatility allows him to work across a spectrum of mediums, yet he holds a particular affinity for acrylic, charcoal, and oils. His artistic vision seamlessly blends abstract and realistic elements, all presented in an impasto style that is both unique and distinctive.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of contemporary life, Thabiso Dakamela chooses to illuminate the path of positivity, with a special focus on women and children, two social groups that have been at the forefront of transformative change in recent decades. His work is rich in short series and subtextual themes that evoke emotions and sensations, ultimately nurturing a sense of positive grace in his audience. Through his art, Dakamela reminds us that the very essence of living is to inspire and invigorate the lives of others.


  1. 2019 – LAE Group exhibition –– “Contemporary African Art meets European Design” – European Light & Design Centre
  2. 2019 – Group Exhibition – “Africa’s Art Collective Seasons Spring 2019” – The Mall of Africa
  3. 2019 – The Art Project Group Exhibition – “Moving Into Dance” – AGOG Gallery
  4. 2019 – Turbine Art Fair
  5. 2019 – Group Exhibition – “City of Tshwane Youth Day Art Expo” – The South African Creative Industries
  6. 2019 – Group Exhibition – “Africa’s Art Collective Seasons Autumn 2019” – The Mall of Africa
  7. 2019 – LAE Group Exhibition –– “African Influences” – The Hyatt Regency Hotel Rosebank
  8. 2019 – Group Exhibition – Curated by Leigh Rein – Werksmans Sandton
  9. 2018 – LAE Group Exhibition – “Thebe Ya Mosadi – She is Power” – Urban Tree Sandton
  10. 2018 – LAE Group Exhibition – “FNB Early Childhood Development Fundraiser” – FNB Private Wealth Sandton
  11. 2017 – IDC gallery group exhibition with Mpumalanga Traditional Art Market
  12. 2017 – Group Exhibition – Pan African Show
  13. 2016 – Group Exhibition – Stephen Welz & Co – Sandton
  14. 2015 – Group Exhibition – “Light the flame foundation” – Gateway Hotel