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Thabo Maseko

I ascribe to the idea that everything is art, as long as it is ‘’created”. For this reason, I choose to tell my stories in a highly expressive manner.

As a kid, I used to watch cartoons – Dragon Ball Z and the Transformers. As time went by, I increasingly had the urge to create something that replicated the characters from these shows. I spent most of my time practising, and my parents noticed that I was more devoted to the arts than my studies at Katlego intermediate school.

My practice grew when the brother of a friend of mine, who was also an artist, introduced me to shading. The techniques I had used were fairly limited up until this point as my line-drawings carried prominent attributes of cartoonism. Shading allowed me to better incorporate realism, as I was inspired by my late father, who introduced me to artistic realism. Therefore, I have been using this framework and style since my younger years. However, I immediately fell in love when expressionism was introduced to me.

Therefore, my signature style is a combination of the two styles, as I use the flow of the colourful shapes in my work. Secondary school allowed me to better incorporate art into my education and this then allowed me to grow my career. It was a real stepping stone to where I am today.

I have started introducing violent and directional brushstrokes into my artworks. This element of hatching is a constant reminder that when presented with cross-roads one must remain on the right path.