Thabo Maseko

Mastering the Fusion of Artistic Styles

Thabo Maseko is a fervent believer in the notion that everything possesses the potential to be art, provided it is “created.” This philosophy drives his creative expression, leading him to tell his stories in a highly expressive manner.

Maseko’s artistic journey began in his formative years. As a child, he was enthralled by the animated worlds of cartoons like Dragon Ball Z and Transformers. His fascination with these characters spurred him to embark on his artistic path, diligently practicing to replicate the iconic figures from these shows. It became evident to those around him, including his parents, that he was more devoted to the arts than to his studies at Katlego Intermediate School.

His artistic skills took a significant leap when the brother of a friend, who was also an artist, introduced him to the art of shading. Prior to this, his techniques were somewhat limited, with his line-drawings heavily influenced by the world of cartoons. Shading, however, opened up new possibilities, allowing him to infuse his work with realism. This newfound love for realism was instilled in him by his late father, who had introduced him to the principles of artistic realism. Ever since his younger years, Maseko has employed this framework and style in his art. The introduction of expressionism further deepened his passion for the craft.

Maseko’s signature style is a harmonious blend of realism and expressionism, where the flow of colorful shapes plays a pivotal role in his work. His journey through secondary school provided him with the opportunity to integrate art into his education, serving as a stepping stone to his current artistic career.

Notably, Maseko has recently incorporated violent and directional brushstrokes into his artworks. These elements of hatching serve as a constant reminder that when one is presented with crossroads, it is imperative to remain on the right path. Thabo Maseko’s art is a testament to his diverse influences and unwavering dedication to his craft.