Empowering South African Artists, One Art Piece at a Time

Who We Are

At Living Artist Emporium (LAE), we’re not your typical art gallery. We’re a lively project space in the heart of Johannesburg, shaking up the world of contemporary art. Our mission? Simple. We’re all about giving emerging artists the push they need – providing resources, studios, and platforms to kickstart their careers.

We’re rebels at heart, saying no to the restrictions artists face. Our motto, “Breaking the rules of art,” says it all – we love pushing boundaries and questioning norms.

LAE isn’t just a gallery; it’s a movement shaking things up in the art world. With top-notch contemporary art that’s not just about aesthetics but also an investment in the future, we’re here to empower both artists and art lovers. Join us at Living Artist Emporium, where every piece has a story, and it’s all about innovation, empowerment, and celebrating the brilliance of South African art.

Guiding Principles that Define Living Artist Emporium

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Values

At LAE, our values are a testament to our commitment to artistic innovation. Innovation is the cornerstone of our approach, and we celebrate creative freedom. We empower emerging artists by providing the tools they need to define their own artistic paths, embracing diversity and the unconventional.

Our Mission

LAE’s mission is to liberate creativity and shape the futures of emerging artists. We address the challenges artists face by providing essential resources and opportunities. We believe in enabling artists to take control of their destinies, empowering them to define their careers on their terms, and unlocking their full potential.

Our Vision

Our vision at LAE is to pioneer a new era in the art industry. We offer contemporary art not just as a visual delight but as an investment in the future. LAE isn’t just about showcasing today’s art; it’s about providing the opportunity to invest in the early stages of an artist’s career. We’re nurturing the stars of tomorrow, creating a world where creativity knows no bounds.