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Kealeboga Tlalang

Kealeboga Tlalang - profile pic

Kealeboga Tlalang is South African artist specializing in cutting edge collage portraitures, figures and sculptures. Analytical by nature Kealeboga uses collage which he links to puzzle play as a way of synthesizing his love for solving problems.

Kealeboga`s self professed focus is on social and economic issues in South Africa. Corruption, poverty, high unemployment rate, violence and inequality are some challenges that our country is currently facing. I am working on series of works addressing the injustice of our government and raising awareness with intend to build better future for the next generation.

 The colorful portraits and figures speak of the vibrancy of people with all their fascinating color and movement, are not only more eye-catching than their textual fragmented background (perhaps representative of the world and all its background noise?). Artworks look digitally produced because each larger-than-life human. Kealeboga depicts is made up of tiny squares and rectangular shapes, their hair matte black, their expressions brimming with realism. In real life, however, it`s striking to discover that each artwork is actually made up of small pieces of paper, layered with a striking precision that creates a subtle effect. When looking at them close up, each work is a rainbow, full of texture. Take several steps back and each work is glossy with rich shadows, highlights and smooth contours.