Kealeboga Tlalang

Crafting Collage Portraiture and Social Commentary

Kealeboga Tlalang, a South African artist whose expertise lies in the realm of cutting-edge collage portraiture, figures, and sculptures. Driven by his analytical nature, Kealeboga harnesses the art of collage as a tool for synthesizing his love for creative problem-solving, drawing parallels to the delightful process of piecing together a puzzle.

Kealeboga’s artistic focus is firmly anchored in the social and economic landscape of South Africa. His beloved nation grapples with multifaceted challenges, including corruption, poverty, high unemployment rates, violence, and inequality. As a conscientious artist, Kealeboga is on a mission, diligently working on a series of artworks designed to address the injustices within his government and, in turn, raise public awareness. His ultimate aim is to contribute to building a brighter future for the next generation.

His vibrant portraits and figures are a testament to the vivacity of people, masterfully capturing the richness of their colors and the fluidity of their movements. These creations boldly stand out against textured and fragmented backgrounds, mirroring the complexities of the world and its incessant background noise. While his artworks may initially appear to be digitally produced, they hold a unique secret. Each larger-than-life human figure meticulously depicted by Kealeboga is, in reality, an intricate assembly of small paper pieces, carefully layered with precision to create a subtle yet utterly captivating effect. Upon close inspection, these pieces reveal a kaleidoscope of textures, whereas from a distance, they spring to life with rich shadows, highlights, and gracefully contoured forms. Kealeboga Tlalang’s work is not only a visual spectacle but also a profound reflection of societal intricacies and human resilience.

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