BT2209 Original Wooden Sculpture 58cm x 58cm

This sculpture to be cast in bronze as edition of 10 by the renowned Renzo Vignali Artistic Foundry

Timeline  4 – 6 weeks

R59 900 excl VAT

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Once upon a time there was a great great Crocodile King who love his kingdom . The waters were clean with no bloodshed ,the law  was against the killing of animals of land and people from kingdoms across the entire land.

He had a great relationship with people and all animals of the land. They had strong ties and friendship that was bound by events and festivals hosted between all species of the earth. Everyone was happy, there was no war ,no hatred, no poverty ,no suffering. Human and animal rights were respected in every corner of the land and waters. There was plenty of food , exchange of goods and farm produce, clean water to drink and trade .

The Crocodile King ruled the entire Kingdom for a very long time before he died. He had his trusted men, guards and a multitude of service men of the kingdom.

Amongst his trusted men was his deputy whom he would share with many secrets and laws of the Kingdom.

Thou shalt not spilt the blood was one of the laws.

Garwe ( Greedy Crocodile) was his name. The King had trusted him because he wanted to teach him to respect the laws of the land and waters. The King could see that Garwe had a dark side that was going to destroy the trust, love and good relationship between the kingdom of the waters and the land.

He taught him why it was bad to spill blood of animals of the land and human beings.

He told him that anyone who spills blood would bring curses to the kingdom, death, floods ,hunger and suffering.

He was trusted with the duties of welcoming guests ,visitors and friends.

Garwe was jealous of the love and respect the King he enjoyed from visitors and delegates. He tried to hide his anger and resentment.

The King was getting old ,tired and frail, and Garwe on many occasions would take over the duties of the King to welcome guests, protect, feed, trade and organise visits to other kingdoms.

One day he was wondering across the land looking for new friends in preparation for takeover in the event that the King passes on.

He met a man who was chased and running away from the Kingdom Because the King had lost trust in him.

Garwe asked him why he was running away. The man explained to Garwe that the King of the land was against his love for power that's why he chased him away.

The 2 became very good friends and Garwe promised the man that he was going to protect him ,but he wanted something in return. "What could that be "?the man asked. Garwe, " I want to test the blood of human beings, if I can just lick the blood I will give you powers to go rule the land".

" You promise"? The man asked. " Oh yes, I will get all the powers of the kingdom of the waters and you will go back a respected leader of your people in the land".

" That's  a deal" the man responded..

The next day the man left and went up to the land and kidnapped a young girl with fresh innocent blood to bring to his friend so he kills her and licks her blood.

There was a great party between the 2 at their secret meeting place.

Garwe enjoyed the test of blood and he killed the girl and eat her alive.

The entire Kingdom of the waters was full of blood, the King was filled with anger and he wanted to find our what had happened.

The King got the smell of blood within the waters and he died .

Garwe took over the reins and declared that anyone who worshiped and follow him would be given an opportunity to live and test the blood of human beings and animals.

He got very powerful ,very greedy and shared the remains of the kidnapped girl with his followers, promised them that they would be more meat coming and all crocodiles will be allowed to go out and hunt animal meat.

There was great anger from the Gods. Animals and human beings were barred from crossing the rivers.

Garwe took all the powers of his King and hand them over to his friend to go rule the land.

The man promised Garwe that he would chase anyone who is against his leadership. He promised Garwe that he would keep his promise by making sure his friend gets more human blood of people crossing the river running away from him, meaning the more blood Garwe has the more power the man acquires

There was no happiness in the kingdom, animals were killed, human beings killed.

The entire Kingdom was cursed.

Ndoo pakaperera sarongano (the end)