Vincent Mbeje

The Artist of Bright Barcodes

Vincent Mbeje’s artistic journey has taken him on a path that stretches from Kwazulu Natal to the vibrant streets of Soweto. He humbly describes himself as an “artist in training,” a lifelong learner in the world of art. What sets Vincent apart is his mastery of bright colors and his preferred canvas – the Barcode, one of the distinctive hallmarks of the Superblur Movement.

The Barcode in Superblur art has a unique origin. It reflects the modern reality that virtually everything in our contemporary world seems to be barcoded – from products on supermarket shelves to ID cards, documents, student cards, and library cards, among others. The Barcode concept is inherently machine-readable, featuring parallel lines of varying widths and spacing, a characteristic that finds a prominent place in Vincent’s work.

Vincent’s artistic expression is a vivid display of bright and lively colors, a reflection of his inner emotions and feelings. His Barcode paintings add a burst of vibrant hues to any space they adorn, standing in stark contrast to the traditional black and white barcodes commonly associated with consumer goods. Vincent Mbeje’s art not only brightens physical spaces but also enriches the visual landscape of contemporary art with its unique and colorful interpretation of the Barcode.