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Ben Tuge

Randburg-based visual artist, Benjamin Tuge is, to say the least, a standalone talent. He is such a versatile sculptor, a master carver of thought-provoking woodcarvings, a satirical landscape and portrait painter, a spiritual scribe, and a visionary thinker. Born in 1969 in Masvingo, a town in south-eastern Zimbabwe and the capital of vaKaranga people. He was raised in a town close to Great Zimbabwe, the national monument from which the country takes its name Zimbabwe.

In this town Tuge endured a rural upbringing as an unknown herd boy and from humble beginnings as a village artist, he has risen to become one of the most promising sculptors to have emerged from the troubled Southern African country.

As a sculptor who specialises in human figures, Tuge’s fine art, abstract and contemporary works are created with various types of woods, metal, paintings, and stone. He enjoys exploring the African lifestyle and culture. He develops art images where the traditional way of life of the African people is portrayed and adds a touch of humour in detail. His art pieces tell us stories about life and the spirit of the African people. Tuge favours Ironwood for carving because “these woods have texture and grain suited to his style of work.” “I started the work of art at the tender age of five. That time my fans were my peers in the village. Whilst herding cattle, I used to enthuse them with drawings on the sand. At school, art was my favourite subject, while the teacher was elaborating on a certain subject, I would grasp a word or two and start creating images and works of art.”