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Oni Mkoki

Onias’ desire to paint dates as far back as 1990 when he started experimenting with form and color. In 1990 he enrolled at Harare Polytechnic College to pursue his career and passion as a fine artist.

He holds a national diploma in fine arts, In 2003 Onias received an award of distinction for the young artist of promise category soon after he completed his studies. The National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe procured a painting from Onias to exhibit in their permanent art collection (2002), having exhibited in Zimbabwe until 2003.

Onias ventured to greener pastures in Johannesburg South Africa. He has successfully exhibited and sold his work via Cherry De Villiers, House of Isis, Soweto Fine Art Gallery and Gerald Lee Art Gallery and his works have sold both in Southern Africa and as far afield as Europe. Onias draws his inspiration from nature and fellow artists around the world. His style is contemporary with roots in impressionism. His works range from oil, watercolor and acrylics through to mixed media.